Visitors from South Africa

Meet Shonaphi S'bisi and Nozipho Zondi!

We are really excited to be welcoming these 2 visitors from Swayimane, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa to Abergavenny in Wales.

Last year we began the process of bringing 2 women over from Swayimane to share their beading skills and take part in a cultural exchange. We're extremely grateful to Wales Africa Community Links for their support in making this possible.

Shonahpi and Nozipho are both members of the Lethukuphila Craft Group. They and their craft group have been through quite a process to make the trip happen: deciding who should travel after taking into account English language ability, availability, beading skill, and teaching skills; organising passports and visas; and preparing for beading workshops.

We wish them a safe and hassle free journey and can't wait to welcome them to the beautiful country of Wales on 14th March!