Close Knit Community Tree Dedications, 2016

The Celebration Tree 2016. Each person’s dedication is displayed on the tree at Abergavenny Museum and Castle and on one of the trees at the meadow.
Photo credit: Alan Underwood.



The Close-Knit Community Tree has arrived! In the early hours of Sunday 17th July, a group of slightly nutty volunteers were busy yarn bombing a cluster of trees in Linda Vista Gardens, Abergavenny Castle and Museum, and the meadows, site of the National Eisteddfod 2016.

The knitted and crocheted squares were made by supporters with a connection to Abergavenny and women from Zimele’s Fairtrade craft groups in Swayimane, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. The project was conceived as part of the ongoing link between both communities.

The Mayor of Abergavenny, Councillor Chris Woodhouse ‘opened’ the tree after a few words from Zimele’s Rebecca Hands.





The Close-Knit Community Tree 2016


In celebration of all the special and wonderful people in our lives:

  • John Ackroyd
  • Ken Ackroyd
  • Bianca Allan
  • Anna
  • Avon ac Ania
  • Bama
  • Colin Bartlett
  • Beca
  • Bernard
  • Beryl
  • Nain a Taid Bici
  • Basil Dyer Board
  • David Bowie
  • Doris Brunt
  • Jack Brunt
  • Stephen Brunt
  • Sybil Burton
  • Abuela Carmen
  • Children Everywhere
  • Cisca
  • Owain Cleaver
  • Robert Clode
  • Christine Coleman
  • Michael Thomas Coleman
  • Saffron Corsé Mrva
  • Giles P Croft
  • Daddo
  • Debra- Penblwydd Hapus
  • Kieran Dymond
  • For Cats Everywhere
  • Keith Francis
  • Tony Francis
  • Stanley Gass
  • Adam Gilchrist
  • Adele Griffiths
  • Sylvia Griffiths
  • Gwenllian Ag Edwards
  • Jeff Hands
  • Beti Harris
  • I Fy Man a Dad. Diolch am bopeth, Neil.
  • Ifan Lewis James
  • Paul Jenner
  • Jenni Jones
  • Laurie Jones
  • Jenny Knowlden
  • Esyllt Llŷr
  • Siôn Llŷr
  • Mam a Dad
  • Nelson Mandela
  • MArin & Vessa
  • Max Mayho
  • Zack Mayho
  • Linda Murley
  • Jim Ostler
  • Yvonne Piñón-Hutt
  • Mauricijus Prapiestis
  • The Artist FKA Prince
  • John Randall
  • Nancy Reading
  • David Salter
  • Sarah Smith
  • Kathy Storey
  • Dawn Strohmer
  • Cyril Tyson
  • John Tyson
  • Vaughan Williams
  • Michael 'Woody' Wood
  • Victoria Wood
  • Jean Woodhouse


With thanks to the following businesses for their support:

The Close-Knit Community 2016

To celebrate the link between Abergavenny and Swayimane in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, Zimele will be 'yarn bombing' in Abergavenny again. That is decorating the town with wool, using knitted and crocheted squares made by both communities. And as The National Eisteddfod is visiting town, we are creating something extra special this year with stunning displays on the Meadow and at some of our favourite sites in Abergavenny.

Read more: The Close-Knit Community 2016

Zimele's Annual Plant Sale 2016

For our 6th year, Zimele held it's annual Plant Sale and coffee morning. and for once, the sun shone.

Thanks to Emmeline's Homebaking (Baker Street, Abergavenny) for donating one of their delicious chocolate cakes as first prize in the raffle.

We are very thankful to the Hands/ Ward-Jackson family for hosting the event at their new home on Pen Y Pound, Abergavenny.